Free (and non-free) assets for your games! If you add links here for assets which require some effort to be ported to Torque, please provide a link to instructions, or a small note detailing what needs to be done.

FreeRPG Asset Collection

Free assets

  • Three Tier Digital asset packs (license)
    • Conifer forest pack
    • Tropical rainforest pack
    • African savanna pack
    • Cave pack
    • Fantasy ruins pack
    • Starter pack
  • Free CC0/Public Domain Texture resources
    • Growing archive of base material for texture creation and also some ready to use materials
  • OpenGameArt
    • A huge collection of open-source 2D/3D art, be warned many of the assets will need work getting them into Torque3D

Commercial assets

  • GarageGames store
    • Assets designed to work specifically with Torque, though many are for older versions